Customize your Aurochs knife

Designed based on the Woodspirit blade design and a new ergonomic handle, the Aurochs is made to be a top bushcraft knife. Strong and comfortable are the words that describe the Aurochs. The generous handle with an overall rounded shape makes it safe and comfortable to use in any grip. As for the blade, as describe by one of our customers “it has a minimal ricasso, a decent bevel height and great edge geometry, perfect!”

Don’t be fooled by its price as only top quality materials were used and the craftsmanship is on its best.

Blade specs

105 mm long, 3 mm thick, with a 100 mm scandi grind cutting edge. It is made out of O1 high carbon tool steel hardened to 61-62 HRC.

Handle specs

120 mm long made from 6-10 mm thick handle material, with two 1/4 inch brass Corby rivet, and a brass lanyard tube.


Base model 120 EUR (includes standard walnut scales)

For all non-standard handle materials please contact us and we will get back to you with a confirmation email for availability and price.

Add 5 EUR for liners.

Add 7 EUR for mosaic pin.

Sheath options

Leather sheath - 3-4 mm thick vegetable tanned ox leather, dark brown or black (adds 30 EUR)

Add horizontal loops for  10 EUR

Add a firesteel loop for  7 EUR

Add a drop loop for  7 EUR

Add a firesteel for 30 EUR*

*Firesteel 11 cm long/0.8 cm thick; the handle is customized based on the material of blades handle (e.g. for walnut blade handle you will have a walnut firesteel handle; same applies for the lanyard tube/mosaic pin).