Q. Do you take custom orders?
A. We are currently taking custom orders.
The waiting period for the time being is for about 4 to 6 weeks.

Q. How can I place an order?
A. To place an order, please follow the directions from the ‘Customize your Knife’ page.

Q. Do you require a deposit?
A. We are requiring a non-refundable materials deposit.

Q. What to do if I need a refund?
A. 1. In case of the deposits made for materials, they will not be refunded.
2. In case of an item that was not yet shipped, based on a written email from you, we will refund the Total amount paid minus the materials deposit value.

Q. How do I pay for my order?
A. For the time being the PayPal would be the choice (it is safe and reliable for both of us).

Q. Do you take orders for customer supplied designs?
A. We do not take orders for customer supplied designs.

Q. How much is shipping?
A. For Europe, USA, Canada and Australia the Shipping is Free

For the other countries please send us an email and based on your contact information and the item you wish to order, we will come back to you with a quotation as soon as possible.

Usually the cost should not exceed 10 EUR.

Q. How about warranty
A. All our knives and leather goods have a lifetime warranty which will follow the items no matter to whom or how many times they are traded. The warranty does cover defects in craftsmanship and/or materials, but does not cover negligence or abuse.